Every day 4,100 men, women and children die in Africa from complications from HIV/AIDS. Yet only two pills a day for a cost of around 40 cents a day could save the lives of the estimated 4,100 people living with HIV AND AIDS who cannot afford to buy the medicine they need.





(RED)WIRE is a digital music magazine that makes a difference. It gives you exclusive music from the world’s greatest artists every week and gets people living with HIV in Africa the medicine they need to stay alive.

How it works:

Every Wednesday, you’ll receive your new music via the (RED)WIRE player – which also places each song automatically in your iTunes.

You get an exclusive song from a major artist. 

A song by an artist we want to showcase.

A fun or inspiring piece that’s not music – a short video of someone telling a story, a slideshow of great photography, someone reading something they love. 

And frequent updates from Africa – a window into the culture of the people getting the medicine. 

All your (RED)WIRE music is yours to keep – they are unprotected digital files. Play them on your iPod, burn them to a CD and enjoy.

And you get it all for $5 per month – and half your membership fee goes to buy medicine to keep people living with HIV in Africa alive. 



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